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 At Gerety Education Team, we firmly believe that coaching is the best way to transform classrooms - but that's only true if the coach is effective.

The best way to ensure that coaches are effective is to give them a coach of their own.

That's what we do in the Coach PD Project. Each member of the Project is assigned to a small group that is facilitated by a master coach.

We are looking for an experienced coach to join our team of master coaches.

Applicants should have:
At least three years of coaching experience
Skill at facilitating a comfortable virtual learning environment

Effective written and verbal communication skills

And also:
Engage in regular reflective practice to improve on your own work
Practice effective time management, record keeping, and documentation
Provide honest, clear, specific, objective feedback
Respond flexibly and effectively to the changing needs of coachees, while maintaining the firm structure of a specific coaching model
Be willing to examine and set aside personal biases (values, beliefs, prejudices, etc.)
Love working on a team that cares personally and challenges directly

Time commitment:
25 hours per month to start, with potential to expand

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